The environmentally friendly and waste-free sand formwork system Moulding Sand Formwork System

Since 2011, the civil engineer and architect Norbert Enneking has been working on the development of a sand formwork system that can be used both manually and semi-automatically to produce concrete formwork from sand for free-form and geometrically complex concrete components.
In numerous projects, various processes have been developed in which moulding sand can be used as formwork material for lightweight concrete structures.
Various patent application procedures are underway for the machining tools developed for the manufacture of the sand moulds, and research application procedures are being pursued for individual procedures in the manufacture of components for further development.
The process is absolutely environmentally friendly. The moulding sand consists of 100% natural minerals - mined in Germany - and the sand formwork is produced in a circulation system in which the moulding sand is reused completely and thus waste-free.
The processes are developed in such a way that the design and manufacture of thin-walled lightweight concrete components reinforced with ribs is possible, so that considerable resources can also be saved in concrete construction.